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Unique and personal bouquet
Network master class on creating bouquets of chocolate-covered strawberries. This master class is ideal for girls who do not consider this activity as a means of earning money, but simply love beauty and want to devote their time to creativity. Also this master class is suitable for bachelorette parties, children's birthdays, various holidays and other events.
personalized master classes aimed at deep immersion in the topic and mastering the profession.
The Cost of a full 'Fruits in Chocolate' course is AED 4,000.

To place an order or sign up for a master class, please contact us via the application form or use one of the options on the contact page.
The maximum number of people in the group is 10.

The cost of the master class with fruit, chocolate and everything you need is 400 AED per person.
Training is conducted in 2 formats
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